Patience…and other projects…

Joyce Meyer recently said “Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you’re waiting.” I am not the most patient person in the world. I discovered that it may take up to 6 months for my Susie stories to be reviewed by the publisher.  I guess I better find other things to obsess about.

So…I am continuing to work on the outlines for my two books. I am also doing additional voice work for Tangerine Sky. Kevin and Kristen Collier are turning some of their children’s stories into videos for the new Truli channel that will appear on Roku next month. They have asked me to voice a couple of characters and to narrate several videos. This is exciting to me because I love reading children’s stories and this voice work is just fun. I can hardly wait to hear the reaction of my grand-son when he sees them on TV.


New news! – Outlining continues…

A publisher has shown interest in my Susie and Johnnie stories!  I sent off a few short story manuscripts to Dancing with Bear publishing yesterday and they asked to see all the stories in the series. I sent them off last night and, so far, today nothing back. I am not the most patient man in the world.

On another note, I am continuing work on the Kenan and Hagar outline. I am working on the scene at the beginning where Kenan wakes up on the battlefield after having been left for dead. What would that sound like? What would that smell like? What would that feel like?

More to come later…

Outlining is fun and doesn’t have to be rushed…


There’s a picture of me hard at work on the two outlines I am currently working on. I identify with Winnie the Pooh because, quite often, I feel a bit slow in the head. I have discovered two things recently from reading blog posts by K.M. Weiland. The first thing is that I neither have to nor should I rush my writing. It is better to take your time and let the process work.

To me that means a couple of things.

The first is, think things through. Let the ideas and the story percolate until they are fully formed and begin connecting properly.

The second is, outlining is not only smart it can be fun. It allows you to structure your story in a way that makes sense. It allows you to think it through logically and brainstorm your ideas on paper before they reach an actual manuscript. I am exploring how I want to present the story, how detailed I want the environment to be and what feelings I want to produce in the reader.

Thanks K.M.!

Here is a link to her book. I highly recommend it

Samsung Galaxy not the right universe for me…

Well, my weekend long trial of a Samsung Galaxy Tab as a replacement for my Netbook for writing was a bust.  I got a bluetooth keyboard for it and it doesn’t work well for me either. So, back to Amazon they go. The best word processing software for the machine had a horrible interface that caused me to lose my work several times. It had trouble with outlines and did not interface with the special keyboard I bought to use with it. The keyboard itself was part of a stainless steel case for the tablet. But it was inset inside the cover and my hands could never get into anything resembling a natural position for typing. Additionally, every time I hit shift to capitalize a letter it was slow releasing the shift and I ended up with at least two letters capitalized.

So, I will continue to use my old trusty Dell Netbook for the time being. I may try the Microsoft Surface when it comes out in the fall.